Atlas of Work
and Qualifications

We used the INAPP model because it started – first in Europe, and we think globally – to identify and categorize Skills and Qualifications.


It is the result of a research-intervention work conducted by INAPP starting from 2013, in support of the Technical Group set up by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, from the ANPAL, from the Coordination of the Regions and from the Regions, with the technical assistance of Tecnostructure of the Regions (Interministerial Decree of June 30June 30 2015).

The activity was carried out as part of the construction of the National Directory of education and training qualifications and professional qualifications, as required by Article 8 of Legislative Decree no. 13 of January 16January 16, 2013.

What is it for

The Atlas support tool for lifelong learning for:

It is a value support tool for employability and lifelong learning services for:

Italian legislation

European legislation

Here an example of our badge, and how we use the ADA codes: