are the new educational goal

Add value to short training courses, executive training, and skills by putting micro-credentials at the core of your educational vision.

What is a micro-credential?

Once a learner has demonstrated mastery of the specific skill or topic studied, he/she receives a micro-credential, displayed as a badge. Then, he/she can list it on his/her resume or LinkedIn profile or share it directly with his/her network.

Micro-credentials are a tool to enhance the continuous learning experience and to encourage the acquisition of skills along the path to graduation.

ADA Codes

The INAPP model started – first in Europe, and we think globally – to identify and categorize Skills and Qualifications. Once you set us an Event you can now select the right micro-credentials and set up a unique PDF Certificate responding to DigiCompEDU.

Micro-credentials & Digital Badges

With Edverso, you have a full range of secure certificates and digital badges devoted to micro-credential. Breaking down your diploma programs into micro-credits has never been easier.

Certify my skills

Boost students' confidence in the innovative applications you've built to run on Edverso technology with EdVerso Certification Center certification – an official seal of approval from EdVerso.

Edverso Micro Credentials

Edverso, a turnkey platform for your

With Edverso, you have complete autonomy to create your micro-credentials and your Digital Badge. Add your logos, choose the multilingual option, and enhance the micro-credits with external links. In just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to issue your micro-credentials.

We created the first digital credential under the new DigicomEDU regulation

The EdVerso Digital Badges format is optimized for sharing and skills recognition. With the 100% blockchain Digital Badge by EdVerso, you have the optimum level of certification for professional use of micro-credentials.

The first blockchain digital badge with the whole (tokenized) PDF reporting a detailed Micro-Credential Report was issued by the Economic Department of The Roma Tre University in February 2022 and publically shared with its student in May 2022.


A new ecosystem of trusted
Micro-Credential has been born.

Created in 2017 by Alessandro Civati, Edverso International is now promoting in Europe, Africa, Middle-East, South America, and soon globally a new path for the track, evaluation, and share of Skills and Microcredentials.

Today LutinX is recognized as the Blockchain for Education Platform, and with the EdVerso Certification scheme, hundreds of educational professionals are adding new value to their organizations.

Adopted by EDU Professionals

The challenge is a decisive one for the employability of students, which is no longer based solely on the academic knowledge acquired through graduation and assessment by grades, and which then reflects on the attractiveness of the universities.

Adopted by Students

Each student can create, free of charge, their portfolio with reliable information for their resumes. They can keep and share their digital badges on Social Media, such as LinkedIn. Moreover, The Booklet allows you to collect multiple Badge issued from thirty parties.