Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a selection of the most frequent questions users did to us. Please, before contacting us, check them.
We’ll talk about the membership process, the blockchain platform, and the digital badge issuing.


Until the 31st of December of each year. The Board can approve to offer a particular period for the next year if the subscription is made after September.

Yes. It is in EURO.

All memberships are billed yearly. 

You pay only for the plan you choose. If you need to add more features to the Blockchain applications we offer freely, inside your Membership, you can pay directly into the online shop.

All the Badges issued will remain active (as long as you have not put an expiration date on them). You still would have access to your platform in the view way, and you would no longer be able to issue new digital credentials. All your students/employees will continue to access what you issued directly inside their booklets.

Yes. You'll be charged only for the remaining period until 31st December.

NO. Edverso does not require additional costs to keep the certificate “live” after it is issued.
If a certificate expires, though, and you need to re-issue a new one, that will reduce your annual allowance unless you’ve already issued it to that recipient in the same year.


Currently, LutinX.com, our Strategic Partner, developed three different kinds of badges:

  • The first one is designed to confirm a person’s identity inside a company or an association or define the signature power (L.Card Badge).
  • The second is designed for SKILL traceability or Membership Role. It can provide references for a new Skill or a new micro-credential issued or confirm that a man is an Ambassador or your Educational Center (L.Skill)
  • The third is designed to report Health results or Medical Certifications, such as the Medical Authorization to make professional sports activity. In this way, the issuer should be a Medical Structure or a Hospital, still affiliated to EdVerso (L.Health)


Every issued Digital Badge is verifiable and shareable directly through a link or social media.
Every Digital Badge includes metadata about skills and achievements, a description of the related event, and the exact reference of both legal parts, like the identified training center and the student.
Moreover, every Digital Badge issued includes a Blockchain Hash Code that contains unique encrypted data, tokenized inside. This data, not more modifiable, will be the authenticity proof of the related piece of information.

Yes! You can create as many certificates and badges for each person as you’d like. All of them will be stored in your archive and inside The Booklet of the User.

In EdVerso, we currently identified four actors:

The Educational Structure – A user that creates his Brand inside EdVerso's world and builds/issues Badges to the Students or its employees.

The Participant – The user that receives the badge. Every badge is issued only to people that filled the KYC procedure correctly. From May 2022, We allow issuing badges to un-verified people. In the situation, the name of the "Participant" will be followed by a RED cross, alerting about this situation.

The Supervisor – A user that can verify one or more activities of an Educational Structure, including the Registration Registry of the events or the list of certificates and badges issued. Usually, are Institutions that finance the training activity. In every way, the "Educational Structure" must grand this activity; otherwise, every data will remain Private.

LutinX Authority – LutinX.Com provides the Blockchain Platform and guarantees the system and recipients' identity.

Two pillars define the LutinX Platform, Identity and Blockchain Technology.

Around them, we made this process-circle:
1) A new Trainer/Education Structure joins EdVerso;
2) The KYB process will be completed;
3) The Trainer activates his license and sets up his public identity;
4) The Trainer creates the Event, adds references, links, and images, and, more importantly, assigns the Skills he'll provide.
5) The Participants join his Event;
6) The Trainer registers their presence on the Blockchain network. A double registration will be applied, one on the Trainer record book and another one inside the Participant's Booklet;
7) The Trainer creates the Digital Badges for one participant or multiple of them. One or more Blockchain transactions will occur.
8) The system will share the Digital Badges first inside the participants' Booklet and one second later to their email. A copy of it will remain in the Trainer archive.

All Badges are verifiable publically as the timestamp applied. Each Digital Badge has a special button near the participant's name that lets everyone verify it.


The legal validity of "Certificates" and "Digital Badges" is given by the legal entity that issues them.

The Platfom, to avoid misunderstandings, always clearly reports the school/university/private or public party that proceeds to issue its certificates and Badges, identifying them with the word "KYB Verified" or "Know Your Business."


All the recipients have to identify themself directly on our platform, filling the KYC process.
This procedure is needed to confirm their identity and grant you the possibility to issue your certificate and badge to the right person.

Students receive their certificate or badge via email and access all of them every moment simply accessing their EdVerso’s account.
All the Certificates and Badges are in The Booklet area (left menu, L.iD section).

The Platform sends certificate emails to your credential earners. You can control the appearance and other email settings through our platform.

If you have integrated with EdVerso to automatically issue the certificates, the student would receive an email with a “call to action” to view their certificate. Our certificates are mobile friendly as well, so students can view them on their mobile devices.

You can issue digital certificates and digital badges to “face-to-face” students by adding them to EdVerso. The procedure is the same as any other credential record; you can add these recipients or import a CSV file directly from your online-learning platform.

From October 2022 will provide, for every Member requesting us, an Optical Reader to apply at the entrance of your classroom or room. With this device, the registration process will be faster (the approach is precisely like the Green-Pass used for Covid-19 Pandemia).

Digital Badges offers many opportunities for skills evidence, like:

  • Certified Resumes – A collection of badges allows everyone to prove their skills and job references.
  • Micro-credentials – Digital Badges can be awarded to complete smaller units of study, often stackable towards a certificate or degree. 
  • Gamification – Digital Badges are examples of game mechanics that give earners a sense of winning, competition, and accomplishment as they learn and apply new skills.
  • Motivation – Incremental celebration and recognition of employee growth motivate professionals to commit to professional growth goals in real-time.


The Digital badge, stored inside The Booklet, can recognize any achievement in any setting across the different stages of an individual’s life.

They have already been adopted internationally and are used to recognize accredited and non-accredited learning in formal, informal, and non-formal settings.

Each Badge and Certificate can be shared from the receiver to third people, companies, or institutions. In this way, they can identify the real talented on competency and attitude.
With The Booklet, we help employers and educators match individuals with non-traditional experiences to relevant opportunities.

For this reason, the EdVerso Protocol also includes the Education Supply Chain Companies/Institutions.

EdVerso works to promote a Scheme of Certification where all the members of the Educational Supply Chain will be connected. In this way, the new generations will collect from zero, their value and Meritocracy will finally be rewared.


No. Our agreements clearly state that we’re not able to share your data with any third party that’s not bound by our data privacy agreement and that isn’t named on our data privacy agreement.

You can permanently remove the data you've provided to EdVerso from our platform.
Suppose you import your Student's archive or your Association's Members inside the Blockchain Platform. In that case, the data will be accessible only by you, and at every moment, you'll have the possibility to control them, modify them or delete them.

Yes – We aim to make this as easy as possible. You can export your credential data as a spreadsheet, your analytics data as a spreadsheet, and your certificates as PDFs at any time, and we don’t charge a fee for you to do that.
You can also submit a request at any time if you’d like EdVerso to remove data that you’ve provided to our platform.
The participation at events you assigned to recipients will remain on our platform and access to the final identified recipient. The same for the certificate you issued.

We will keep your credentials live in perpetuity so that your credential recipients will be able to retrieve them, and links they’ve received or shared will not break. You can return to your account at any point and pick up where you’ve left off.
This condition is Mandatory.

Think, for example, the situation in which you get the Diploma. The School that issued it must keep this data forever, for multiple reasons, as public service, grant a copy in the future, for a verifiable reason, and more.