Blockchain Digital Badges Promote Students Skills

The way to enhance your Brand and your Value Proposition. Every student that shares your badge will promote his skills and your Educational Center.

The common language
of verified skills

Digital Badges are for everyone. You can finally manage them quickly and
provide unique usability to track & share skills.

Training Providers

With our badge system, digital credentials translate training into earners' career success, driving demand, and revenue for your training and development programs.

Employers & Students

Attract, engage, and retain talent effectively with blockchain digital credentials. Make data-driven human capital decisions using trusted credentials and skills


Bring value to your members with credentials connected to relevant career opportunities. You can verify the validity of a certificate in real-time. KYC + Blockchain are the Key.

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Learn how EdVerso improve Skills and Digital Credentials

Every Digital Badge is the puzzle piece of our lives collected inside our “copyrighted” OPEN BOOKLET. The LutinX Digital Badges report objective declaration made by trusted and identified entities, as your Educational Structure, issued to trusted and identified people, students, employees, or sportsmen.
With Our Digital Badges, tracking, storing, and sharing Skills & Micro-Credentials hadn’t been so easy.

What's more?

Choose your badge Style
  • A selection of Professional Design lets you be faster in managing your job. Choose one of our eye-catching templates or personalize them

  • Place variables on the design instead of creating individual certificates. Our system will get your logo, event title, the description of the event, and more automatically

  • Certificates are not just designs. You can tag each badge with what skill has been learned. Use the skills library we have prepared for you, or customize it in the setting area

  • Attach evidence and the reference link of your course. This part is straightforward to prove evidence of your activity and to help badge recipients remember your course

  • Customize Email Badges will be distributed via email and social channels.

Advanced Report is growing

You can keep track of every badge you send. You can interact with all badges one by one. In the same way, you can analyze the spontaneous Social-Sharing-Advertising of the full courses and events you created.

Our badges are alive. The course does not end when it is completed. Certificates are a marketing tool. How much advertising fee would you pay on which platform they get the same visibility with badges? We answer and report this question to you.

Social sharing tools make celebrating achievement quick and easy.
Badges are meant to be shared and celebrated. We make that easy by allowing individuals to download, email, or share their achievement across hundreds of social platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Relevant badge information automatically encoded.
In addition to the image-based design that acts as the badge, meta-data is encoded to communicate details of the badge to anyone wishing to verify it, or learn more about the context of the achievement it signifies.

... and here some example

Here we present some skills badges—someone immediately available for you and others created for other associates.