About Edverso Protocol

What is Edverso
International Protocol?

Edverso International Protocol is helping educational institutes and academic individuals to collect, synthesize, and prove the different learning and life experiences, in order to bring quality of life and proper authenticity in education.

Edverso Protocol offers best in class products from handpicked partners around the globe to cater the best educational experiences

We believe in quality and equality in education, and this can be achieved only through technology, in today’s time. Our continuous effort is, to bring in those best in class technological innovations which can transform educational system to the next level.

Edverso International

An origin from
the heart of Europe

Edverso Protocol was formed and founded in Switzerland for one and only mission, to transform educational systems around the world with the help of technological innovation.

In today’s digital world, the ability to forge, delete, or otherwise manipulate data is omnipresent. These forgeries multiplies in impact when educational systems get targeted. Education is the backbone of any civilized society, and we cannot compromise it in any cost.

Edverso Protocol works relentlessly to address these issues and work towards solving them.

How Edverso plans to work?

Edverso Protocol is on a mission to provide the best in class quality of life experiences to the students and institutions around the world. We practice quality and our quality is our pride!


To transform educational systems around the world towards better traceability and authenticity of time.


To become the best academic protocol provider that is known for its quality.


Authentic, bold, impactful, open, socially responsible, giving.

How education system can transform with Edverso protocol?

The education industry faces the same challenges that have been dragging it down for years. This includes inefficient paper-based record-keeping processes, lack of transparency, poor student and teacher accountability, no real motivation for students to learn and perform well in class, and lack of trust in educational merits and academic degrees because of falsification.

Edverso International Protocol is impacting education and addressing these challenges with tangible solutions.

We are working with Institutions in more than 12 countries. Every School, College, Academy is identified through a Standard KYC Procedure that guarantees all of us about each identity.

Our technology partner LutinX Inc. uses Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Biometric instruments, Machine learning applications, and NO crypto-currencies.

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