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EdVerso is a not-for-profit organization that aggregates educational communities and offers at schools, colleges, and universities a full suite of blockchain applications based on LutinX Blockchain.

Moreover, every student of our members can access a full suite of blockchain applications to touch this technology directly.

EdVerso offers to your Educational Structure three great benefits:

Digital Transition

EdVerso lets you access the Blockchain World easily, preparing your structure to access the Metaverse. Our strength is our simplicity, merged with a unique Certification Scheme common for every member of us worldwide.

Free for the Students

As an EdVerso Member, all your students will access a full suite of blockchain applications designed to touch the blockchain technology, helping them create real use-cases.

The Booklet®

Thanks to LutinX, our strategic Partner, we offer an OPEN BOOKLET where students, employees, and sportmen can store every digital badge they get in their life, fully verifiable without any apps.

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Why Choose us

We are a not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland, globally recognized as a Neutral Country. EdVerso follows by Statute the UN Directives about Humans rights and Sustainability directives, including the vision to assist every citizen in getting digital skills for the future digital citizens.

EdVerso defeats education challenges

The education industry faces the same challenges dragging it down for years. This includes inefficient paper-based record-keeping processes, lack of transparency, poor student and teacher accountability, no real motivation for students to learn and perform well in class, and lack of trust in educational merits and academic degrees because of falsification.

EdVerso will impact education and address these challenges with tangible solutions.

We are working with Institutions in more than 12 countries. Every School, College, and Academy is identified through a Standard KYC Procedure that guarantees every identity.

EdVerso uses Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Biometric instruments, Machine learning applications, and NO cryptocurrencies.

Using the immutable blockchain storage, the school’s office of the registrar needs to create a student record only once. After that, it becomes accessible to all the participants of the educational system and can even be shared between institutions. Every task, assignment, and participation in school and extracurricular activities are appended to the student’s digital record as blocks and viewed in the student’s profile. Thus, teachers, counselors, and school administrators have a real-time view of their student’s progress.
Aside from maintaining student records, blockchain systems can supervise and facilitate accreditation of schools, colleges, and universities, protect intellectual property rights, and eliminate the falsification of diplomas and transcripts. EdVerso-based educational records can be easily accessed and quickly transferred to other institutions and organizations, including potential employers.
All a student has to do is share his data with another user already active inside the LutinX world. This system ensures the complete authenticity of skilss, credentials and student records as the history of changes with signatures is stored on the blockchain.


Accountability & Smart-contracts

Teachers can use the EdVerso backbone to enter into digital agreements regarding completing their tasks with students. The assignment requirements, including the instructions, conditions, due date, and deadlines, are spelled out in the contract. After a student completes the task, meeting all the terms in the agreement, they can be automatically granted access to the next part of the course or receive a credit and completion certificate – using Digital Badges.
Ultimately, smart-contracts can play an essential role in providing individualized learning within a conventional classroom setup and create the motivational element missing in traditional education systems.
Every declaration inside the EdVerso world becomes an NFT, where encrypted data are tokenized in the hashes.

We all have gone through the troubles of obtaining transcripts from educational institutions. It’s a very time-consuming process involving multiple parties to verify credentials and compile the entire academic record. EdVerso is a gift for students and citizens from all over the world. We offer an online digital transcript available to everyone directly inside each personal account. This verifiable student lifetime transcript could contain information on all educational achievements and streamline credential verification, making student transfers between schools much more straightforward.

Every student and employee archive this treasure inside their account on EdVerso called The Booklet.

Moreover, Embassies and Consulates worldwide can drastically reduce their verification activities. With a unique verification interface, they can verify students’ certifications and apply legal statements for their present country.

Lifetime student Transcripts

EdVerso is
Blockchain for Education

From the heart of Europe, in Switzerland, we are moving worldwide, creating a robust ecosystem where every member of us, as their students, is fully KYC identified. Moreover, thanks to our Scheme of Certification, the educational and training activity can be proved as the Skills acquired by students, employeers, citizens.

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The Booklet

The BOOKLET or the OPEN BOOKLET is the Diamond of our initiative. Every user, student, sportsman, and everyone can collect, track and share Skills, Job activities, Sports Results, Emergency Health information, and more.

Direct & Undirect Skills

Sport Results



Job Experiences

Webinar Partecipation

The Booklet is real-time available for every user. The specific voices can be openly shared to prove a student’s worthiness of enrollment in a university or educational center. They can be used to build a fully verifiable resume for job purposes or voluntary activity.
Ultimately, we are creating a 100% certified place of skills and certifications. We are developing a new motivation for students and people. Thanks to EdVerso, the worth can now be a real asset for each of us.

EdVerso has 3 years of worldwide testing

EdVerso is the result of three years of regular testing between Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, and Nigeria. In Edverso, we assist Educational Structure to get new market opportunities and new Students. In EdVerso, we support citizens to increase their value and earn more profit on the job market.

June 15th, 2022 We presented ourselves at the Italian Parliament.

Mr. Alessandro Civati, President of EdVerso International, at the Italian Parliament – June 15th, 2022.

Mr. Alessandro Civati, and Carmine Marinucci, President of DiCultHer International, at the Italian Parliament – June 15th, 2022.

Sponsorships and Awards

to establish itself as a point of reference for innovation in the world of education and skills, can count on the support of some of the most important institutions
in Europe and Africa.

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